• Seriously Delicious!


    Seriously Delicious!

    This week we are celebrating the humble oat. This cholesterol lowering grain is so versatile and so good for you! It is a breakfast staple of champions. If you are lacking inspiration for what to do with it, there are plenty of great ideas and lovely flavour combinations here. In homage to Burns’ Night on Wednesday, we have used the flavours of cranachan to inspire this tasty breakfast. Raspberries, toasted oats, full fat yoghurt mixed with a squeeze of fresh orange juice, some orange zest and raw honey. No whisky though! It was seriously delicious. You can pimp this breakfast up any way you like. Different berries, Greek yoghurt, toasted quinoa, seeds, whatever you like!  Read more about the health benefits of oats. Or how about this tasty little recipe for savoury oat pancakes to have with your breakfast.

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  • Don’t feel blue


    Don’t feel blue

    Feeling blue with the cold, miserable weather and long, dark nights? You are not alone. Today is ‘Blue Monday’, the day that the nations’ va va voom gives up the ghost. If you want to improve your mood, here are our top tips for feeling good again. Get active. Even moderate activity can help release feel good hormones to make you feel uplifted. There is even more to be said for the camaraderie of group exercise where uplifting music, a sociable atmosphere, laughter and shared experience can add even more positive feelings. Get outdoors in daylight hours as much as possible. Whilst you might not feel like stepping outdoors in the cold rain, doing something in the daylight and fresh air everyday, even if just going for a short walk can make you feel reinvigorated and put a flush on your cheeks. Eat a good quality diet...

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